Mario's Towing

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Services provided and areas of expertise

Mario’s Towing Ltd can offer our customers:

  • Light Duty Towing

  • Specialty Vehicle Service

  • Highway Towing

  • Trailer Service

  • Accident Towing

  • Lockouts

  • Heavy Duty Towing

  • Equipment Moves

  • Heavy Duty Recovery

  • Parking Enforcement

  • Cargo Recovery & Transfer

  • Traffic Control at MVA scenes

  • Heavy Rotator Recovery (largest unit in Western Canada, Mario’s has four (4))

  • Environmental Emergency Response (MVA hazardous spills for example)

Mario’s Towing has responded to 8 calls within 20 minutes of each other and we were able to respond due to the size of our fleet. Mario’s Towing Ltd.’s fleet of over 100 tow trucks and trailers of varying sizes ensures we can meet our customer’s requirements while continuing to respond to any emergencies that might occur.

24/7/365 Dispatch

Mario’s Towing Ltd. has a team of professional dispatchers. This dispatch is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Utilizing our own dispatch system which is accessible by our customers, Mario’s dispatchers manage the call volume for the company at our 3015 Sexsmith Road office.

Vehicle Fleet

Mario’s Towing Ltd. has a large pool of highly trained employees; however, that means little if there are no trucks to drive. With well over 100 trucks and trailers of varying sizes in Mario’s fleet, we can respond to multiple vehicle type recoveries so our customers can be confident any situation can be handled promptly and professionally.

Specialized Heavy Wreckers and Trailers

Mario’s Towing has one of the largest Heavy Towing and Recovery Departments in the Canadian Towing Industry. These vehicles are extremely unique, of high value and perform actions unmatched by other towing companies. Mario’s Towing stations the largest Rotator Tow Truck in Canada in Kelowna. This 5 Axle 80 Ton Rotator Peterbilt Wrecker allows efficient recoveries while minimizing additional lane usage and traffic interruption.

An example of this was Feb 1 & 2, 2022 on Hwy 97 near Gorman’s Mill. A semi-truck and trailer lost control and rolled into oncoming traffic. As a result, the load of pipe on the trailer was lost and crushed a car in another lane. The 4 sections of pipe broke free and was blocking the roadway. Mario’s Towing was able to attend with our 80-ton Rotator, as well as a tractor with a specialized Landoll trailer and recover all units involved. A regular Heavy wrecker would have been unable to recover the pipe and traffic would have remained interrupted for 24-48 hours until a large crane could attend and recover the long, heavy (20,000lb each) sections. This recovery was completed within 10 hours and traffic was moving without interruption. This is a true reflection of the items a large municipality can have as challenges. 

Mario’s Towing Ltd. utilizes 4 specialized trailers in Kelowna. These multi axle Heavy Duty trailers allow Mario’s Towing to recover and transport large commercial units with mechanical problems that are unable to be towed as a result of a collision or mechanical failures. Mario’s Towing uses these trailers to transport commercial units (most recent was a Tandem Vac Truck at Gyro Beach) and Firetrucks and Transit Buses unable to be towed. The trailers are instrumental as in some situations the broken-down units are a casualty from an MVA are unable to be towed by a conventional wrecker.

Mario’s Towing Ltd. has an extensive fleet of tow trucks, deck trucks, heavy duty tow trucks and trailers to satisfy every need that our customers may require.

Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability

The Moretto’s have grown Mario’s Towing Ltd. into the greenest towing company in British Columbia because doing so is just the kind of people they are. As a result, Mario’s Towing Ltd. was a responsible corporate citizen before doing so was considered “good business” and today these measures are even more a part of their corporate culture.

Hybrid Tow Trucks

Mario’s is committed to reducing emissions produced by its fleet. As part of its fleet, Mario’s Towing was the first towing company in Canada to purchase and operate a Hybrid Tow Truck – a 2020 Hino 195H deck truck. This project was extremely time consuming and discouraging as everyone told us it wasn’t doable. After endless research and brainstorming the project was completed and Kelowna was proud to have the first Hybrid Deck Truck in Canada operating within its city limits. The unit is able to shut off at idle and lessen the Carbon footprint that conventional diesel-powered trucks create. It also reduces fuel usage by 30%. Mario’s Towing has ordered 2 more of these units and are extremely excited to continue on this path. This is an area where Mario’s is and will remain the National leader.

Typically, a truck of this size would use approximately 6,418 litres of fuel/year; our hybrid trucks can reduce this consumption by 30% resulting in lower emissions and operational costs. You may have seen it driving around Kelowna. The Hybrid Tow Truck is wrapped with a green and blue landscape imagery to signify Mario’s Towing Ltd.’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Commitment to Recycling

Mario’s Towing’s office recycling program though Iron Mountain has resulted in the following:

  • 8.607 pools of water saved

  • Saved 14.345 cubic yards of landfill space

  • Recycled 5,738.9lbs of paper

  • Saved 48.1 trees

Mario’s is so conscious of being a good corporate and environmental citizen that it went above and beyond getting basic insurance. Mario’s opted to purchase Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance.

Environmental Training for staff as well as holding an Environmental Management Plan.

Mario’s Towing staff and management have received Environmental Awareness training and Mario’s Towing Ltd. has invested the time and resources to complete an Environmental Management Plan. This plan has been reviewed by Ram Environmental Response Ltd. (a member of the Mario’s Towing Group). The understanding and training for staff has allowed Mario’s Towing to effectively work with various groups for site cleanups and trailer removal etc. First Nations groups and Mario’s Towing/Ram Environmental Response have a well-established relationship to effectively handle numerous unauthorized camp cleanups and the removal of abandoned trailers and other structures. This training has helped provide staff of all groups a safer work environment.

Community Involvement

Mario’s Towing Ltd also invests in its community through various sponsorships. Mario’s Towing Ltd. has supported Cops for Kids, the Kelowna General Hospital – Cardiac Department with a $10,000 donation, many youth sports teams in Kelowna, and the food bank in every community where Mario has a location.

Inclusivity – Diverse Workforce and LGBTQ+

Mario’s Towing is proud of our diverse workforce and culture. Mario’s Towing currently employs female tow truck drivers, and we believe are the only local operator to do so. Mario’s has been recognized for its inclusivity with a 2020 Finalist Inclusive Workplace Award.

Mario’s Towing Ltd. embraces the LGBTQ+ community though representation in Vancouver’s Pride Parade. We currently have three (3) tow trucks proudly displaying our logo in the Pride Rainbow wrapping.